What Makes A Good Brand On Social Media

There are plenty of people and businesses active on social media these days, which begs the question ‘how are you going to make your brand visible?’ The answer is you don’t need a viral post to achieve brand visibility, as there are easier, but not always obvious steps you can take to achieve your goal.


Be Your Brand Voice


Brands are realizing these days that they cannot longer act as the faceless logos they once used to be. It’s important for brands to establish a persona, as they need to strive for relationships with consumers based on a two-waydialogue. In order to do so, brands need a face and a voice. One of the quickest and easiest ways to help your business stand out on social media and beyond, is to be your brand yourself. It’s simple and quite unique in a way. Establishing your brand can be quite a process, and  it doesn’t happen overnight. It requires consistency and regular exposure to build a trust base, which is a key element to subsequently attract the right followers on your different social media channels.


A Brand Theme for Your Accounts


Theming your social media accounts helps with the earlier mentioned consistency. Theming essentially means sticking to the same colors, patterns, and approach, or using the same filters to create your distinct look and feel. It is fine for a theme to change over time.


Strong Visuals


A good way to stand out on social media is to use strong visuals. Pictures and videos should be as high quality as possible.  The ability to  reflect your brand through imaging can be very powerful to attracting and retaining followers.


Tell A Compelling Story


Use all of what we talked about so far, strong visuals, a theme, and your brand voice, to tell your brand story. People generally like and remember stories. A relat6ively easy way to tell your brand story is to add context to your visuals with captions. Remember, your goal is to connect with your audience. Try to create conversations instead of just speaking at them. In other words,  try to avoid one-way communication with your audience.If asked, make sure you could articulate your brand story 20 seconds (elevator speech).


Network Tools & Mixing Up Content


On social media it’s advisable to use different posting techniques and content types. In other words, mix up videos and images, and also add plain text posts into your publishing schedule. Learn how each network operates and explore its features and functionalities. For my business I’m using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, as well as blogs in some of my websites to tell my story.


Recurring Posts & Events


Recurring posts/events are an important way for your brand to stand out on social media. Examples are a weekly livestream or to come up with weekly tips, or create a “best of the week” summary. It’s important to create something that keeps your audience coming back again and again every week. Get creative, connect with your audience, and add value, Rinse and repeat. 


Social Media Strategy


The last but most important aspect is to have a social media strategy in place.

Plan what content you want to publish on which channel, when and why .Your strategy will give you direction for content publishing , as well as time allocation to be creative. If you have a team, the strategy will keep them all on the same page.


I hope this write-up gives you some creative ideas for your brand or business.

Remember that social media is not a sprint, but it’s a marathon, where regularly showing up and being consistent is key for success.