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Sublime Blue Blockers

Sublime is a brand for blue light blocking glasses. The Sublime Blue Blockers are high quality glasses  that are designed block blue light from your eyes. While blue light during the day (natural blue light emited by the sun) keeps us alert, focused and alert.With the sunset in the evening the natural blue light also disappears.

Most of our electronic gadgets (Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets,, PCs, TVs, Room Lighting, Advertising Billboard) are sources of artificial blue light. This is the ugly and harmful side side of blue light. Exposure to artificial blue light in the evening and at night fools our internal body clock that it's still broad daylight, which causes our brain to suppress our body's natural production of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that helps us fall asleep;eep and stay asleep at night. This suppression of the melatonin production can make it difficult for us to sleep at night or to stay asleep. The Sublime Blue Blockers are specially designed to solve that  problem. The glasses block 99% of the blue light from our eyes and by doing so enable our body's melatonin production to go its natural way and improve  our sleep To get the best performance in terms of sleep improvement  from the Sublime glasses, it's recommended to wear them every evening for 90-120 minutes before your bedtime. The choice of five available models aims to ensures you look good, in case you're wearing the Sublime glasses away from home in the evening. The blue light  blocking ability is the same for all five models. They all come with high quality CR-39 lenses that block 99%of blue light and 100%of UV rays, and provide excellent optics.Three of our models (Classic, Primo, Wayfarer) come with eco-friendly acetate frames, while the Aviatormodel has a stainless steel frame and the Vogue model  a strong polycarbonate frame.All Sublime glasses arrive at your doorstep free of charge in a robust box containing. a pouch, a sachet, and a cloth, It also includes the Sublimea authenticity card. And finally, to we remove any risk fro your purchase and give you a 30 days money-back guarantee!

Check out our research about blue light and how it affects us and the importance ofsleep.

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