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Manchester United - Quo vadis?

It now appears very obvious that Manchester United is in a crisis and the catastrophic and humiliating 1:6  home defeat against Jose's men from North London, obviously didn’t help the situation at all! Agreed, it was a dismal performance of the team and everyone in  a red shirt on the pitch on that day against Tottenham should be deeply embarrassed. And now, everyone's finger is pointing at Ole. It seems the vultures are already circling above Old Trafford, as it appears like Ole's days at the helm are counted amid the club's poor start into the new season. Clearly, judging by experience Ole is nothing close to a Carlo Ancelotti or a Jose Mourinho, but he surely has his qualities. An asset is his deep knowledge of Man United's culture and  his seemingly good interpersonal skills. If there’s one personal shortcoming of Ole, then it’s the fact that he at times is too nice a guy to manage a big football club of this caliber. How does anyone think a halftime reaction from Sir Alex would have been with the team down 1:4 at home against Spurs? Hairdryer treatment big time, no doubt! I think that’s perhaps a personal development area for Ole, to gain a better understanding when it’s ok to be the nice smiling guy everyone loves, and when it's adequate to bark and show his teeth, even to his own player sor to the media.. Ole has saved us last season by somehow managing to come in third in the league, what ensured that Man United are back in the Champions League. The resultant financial benefit of that is undoubted. Ole is now the top favourite in the "sack race"" of the Premier League.After the bashing from Spurs, the bookies slashed Ole's odds to be the next manager in England to be sacked in half! Actually, Ole has started implementing a good strategy by acquiring mainly young players to Man United. Ole needs to be given a couple of years and what is on average the youngest team in the Premier League right now has all the needed ingredients to grow and become a real top team in 2-3 years from now. years. As we have seen, even Liverpool's too pedigree manager, Juergen Klopp, needed 4 years to succeed with a much stronger team! These things take time, and if anyone believes that sacking  and replacing Ole at the helm would change amuch now, they don't really understand much about coaching to rebuild a team, which is a very demanding piece of work. And if perhaps someone could explain to  the club chairman that he needs to invest and support Ole in bringing new talent to the club, in order to remain competitive at the sharp end of the league table, alongside Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, and also Ancelotti's Everton,(and even Arsenal deserve to be mentioned again), that would be really helpful. Even better if someone could tell our "chairman puppet" that he is a major part of the problem and definitely not the solution, and that he should pack up and leave the club now. I think even having no club chairman would be better than having Ed Woodward in that position. To be fair though, I don’t know much about Ed's performance in area’s other than football-related by steering the money machine at Old Trafford that could perhaps be described as a highly successful marketing conglomerate that happens to own a big football club on the side. Anyone with a bit of a business flair would probably understand that the top priority of the people running this club isn't necessarily the team's  performance on the pitch. Of course it helps and it's great when the team is winning, but the business remains strong even when not! That's where the club management's priorities and the fans priorities significantly diverge from one another, a fact the average fan sitting in the Stretford End in all likelihood doesn't understand. Man United over the years have managed to be financially strong and successful, despite the very sub-standard performance of the team on the pitch since Sir Alex retired. So since Man United's financial success as a business seems more or less unrelated to the team's performance, what is then exactly is the point of sacking the manager? This truly unique position of such a low correlation between financial success and team performance begs the question about Man United’s core business; is it football or financial management and marketing? The way to overcome the current crisis is to strengthen Ole's confidence by supporting him and giving him trust and time and with the quality the club has in the squad, Ole's current strategy will bear fruit in a couple of years with Man United being a top team and strong title contender again.