How To Build An Email List To Increase Your Online Sales

Email: If you’re like most of us you use it every single day. 

So, are you taking advantage of that fact to get in front of your audience? 

I hate to break it to you, but if you’re not, you’re at a disadvantage. In this articlet I’ll explain why your website needs email marketing and how you can use it to boost your online sales.


Email Marketing and your Website

re you finding that despite your best efforts you aren’t making the profits that you’d like from your website?

It’s a tough reality that many business and website owners face. And it’s understandable 

considering you probably don’t have a six or seven-figure marketing budget. How are you supposed to compete with the big guys? 

We recommend using email marketing and adding a sign up form on your website. According to MarketingSherpa, “More than seven in 10 (72 percent) U.S. adults indicate a preference for companies to communicate with them via email.” There’s a lot of opportune

ity in that number, so don’t miss out.

Why use email marketing?

Let’s consider why people are visiting your website in the first place. To start, they have to be interested in you, which is great. They’re visiting your site because they want to learn more about you or they want to purchase from you. By providing an email sign-up form on site you’re giving them an opportunity to stay connected with you after they leave. You’re also giving them an easy way to keep you top-of-mind so they can come back to your site in the future.


Oh, and did we mention that email marketing has a return of $38 for every dollar that you spend on it?

Tips to increase sales using email marketing:


Here are our three best tips if you want to make the most of email marketing on your site. 

  1. Make your sign up form easily accessible.

    1. Having a sign-up form for your email list on your homepage is great. But having it available across all the pages of your website is even better. Many people arrive at websites after finding them in an online search. Oftentimes, these people aren’t taken to your home page, but land deeper within your site, like on a blog post. Don’t miss out on capturing their email addresses by only providing a sign-up form on one page of your website.

  2. Communicate value.

    1. Big, blocky letters that scream, “Sign up for my list!” aren’t cutting it anymore. By providing more context and value in your call-to-action (CTA) for people to join your list, you better the chances that they’ll be interested and driven to sign up. Wouldn’t you be more inclined to sign up for a list that promised, “Discounts, deals, and insider info — for subscribers only!”?

  3. Use a template.

    1. Consistency is key. You want your subscribers to immediately recognize your emails and know who they’ve come from. Don’t change your colors, logo, and branding on each and every email as your customers won’t know what to expect and may unsubscribe from your emails thinking they’re spam.

    2. Pro-tip: Make sure your website name and domain name match, too! The more consistency you can provide for your customers the better they’ll remember you.

What Should I Include in my Emails?

If you’re wondering what to put in your emails to drive sales, we can help with that. 

Here are some ideas that you can use to help strengthen your relationship with your email subscribers so that they’ll be more invested in you and your site. 

  • Coupons and offers

    • Everyone loves to feel special. Let your subscribers know that they made the right decision to let you into their inbox by giving them a special discount or coupon to use on your site. 

  • Expertise and know-how

    • Are you the expert in your field or about what you sell? You better make sure you are! Show off those smarts! Use your email to convey interesting, valuable information about your products or services to capture your audience’s attention and inspire trust in you. 

  • Images use images to convey a message words can't.

It's important that you interact with your audience, first build rapport, then you will develop relationships to u8ltimately become their trusted advisor, the gu ywho has answers to their questions. To become the trusted advisor of your audience is an absolute key step that will drive sales!n People buy from whom they trust!

Email marketing and websites work together to increase business​. Your website will benefit from email marketing, so don’t hesitate to add a sign up form to your site and start building your email list today. 

When people start subscribing to your list, these days it is a best practice to have your subscribers to confirm their opt-in (confirmed opt-in, double opt-in)  Basically once they subscribed to your list, you send them an email containing a button for them to confirm their subscription. Some autoresponders (providers of email marketing software)) demand confirmed opt-in's, while other autoesponders are more relaxed about it.

If you plan to seriously engsge in email marketing, you will  ideally choose an autoresponder to work with. The most commonly used providers are Mailchimp (ideal for beginners), Get Response, AWeberl The latter two providers offer  more sophisticated services and functionality and are more expensive to use, which make them ideal for a more seasoned email marketer.

The goal of an email autoresponder is to improve the customer experience. A great customer experience is one that is useful, seamless, and exceeds expectations. It makes the customer feel valued and understood, An email autoresponder (also known as marketing automation software) automatically sends pre-written emailsto contacts on your mailing list that e,g, have fulfilled specific conditions. These conditions can be either characteristic, such as date of birth or location or behavioural (e.g. a new contact subscribes to your list). There are several ways in which an autorespoinder improves the customer experience:

Personalization: it's a great way to send tailored messages that correspond with a contact's preferences.According to the Smarterhq Privacy Report, 72% of customers claim that they will onlyengage with marketing messages that are tailored to their interests. Hence the importance of personalizing your emsails.

Relevancy: It helps you send emails that correspond to existing customer data. For instance, you're not going to want to send dog food promotions to someone who doesn't have a dog. This would go some way towards explaining why 66% of consumers unsubscribe from email lists because they are not relevant.

Timeliness:You can ensure that a message reaches a contact within specific timeframe without you being there to hit the send button. You may wish to have specific send times for diffreent geographical time zones.

Builds trust:When your emails are personalized, relevant, and timely, this represents quality for the contact, which translates into trust in the brand and strengthens your customer relationships.

Your customers are definitely going to appreciate this simple gesture.

Familiarize yourself with your autoresponder of choice and learn how to set up messages, as described above. You may want to corganise your email list into certain segments, to which you can have tailored email content.You decide how much tailored email content you want to pre-write and have available for your contacts.I will write a dedicated article to autoresponders in the near future, as it's important that you fully understand the possibilities of email automation you want to implement for your subscribers and how to best make the autoresponder working for your business.