7 Entrepreneurship Trends You  Need To Know (2020)

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Here are the 7 fastest-growing entrepreneurship trends of 2020. And the technology and taste changes setting those trends.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or entirely new to the business world, these are the top trends to watch. Read more....

Why The World Needs More Entrepreneurial Women in Leadership

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When I stepped off a plane in Bali at 22-years-old, I was honestly a little bit terrified. I didn’t know what the future was going to hold, and back then I didn’t have any guarantee that my crazy plans to build a successful career on my own terms would even work. And even though I was eventually successful in building a multi-million dollar company, I don’t think I could’ve predicted that I’d end up here because, unfortunately, many women — my younger self included — believe that leaders are men.

Think about what the word "leader" brings to mind. Who do you imagine? What does a leader look like to you? Chances are you’ve probably thought of an Ivy League-educated man who went to business school or became a politician. And that, my friend, is a massive problem. Read more...

5 Trends in Entrepreneurship You Can't Ignore

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This past week, I attended Ernst & Young’s Strategic Growth Forum U.S. event. With some of the smartest founders in the country, I chatted about best practices and trends that will shape 2020.Although my prior co-founder and I received the “Best Emerging Company” award at the 2016 event, I joined this year not as a competitor but as a listener. I came away with new ideas for growing my company while playing it safe, which will be key in what I and others expect to be a volatile election year. With uncertainty ahead, I paid special attention to the trends on attendees’ minds. Read more...

Men Are Twice As Likely To Become Entrepreneurs Than Women


Recent studies show that entrepreneurship is still dominated by male founders. Here are some of the reasons for this situation as well as possible solutions! Read more...

What Is Entrepreneurship, Definition And Meaning


The definition of entrepreneurship has stayed constant for decades, the possibilities for aspiring entrepreneurs sure have come a long way. Think about it: 100 years ago, what options did an entrepreneur have? If you didn’t have the skill to make something, and didn’t have the capital to buy something, you were out of luck. Fast forward to today, and there are 582 million entrepreneurs in the world. The opportunities have exploded. Read more...

7 Signs That You Are Not Cut Out To Be A Entrepreneur

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Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone.It often takes years of hard work, long hours, and no recognition to become successful. A lot of entre-preneurs give up, or fail for other reasons, like running out of money.

Statistics show that over 50% of all businesses fail after five years in the United States.40% of startup failures are due to a bad fit, followed closely at 38% from lack of time and involvement.Read more...