Backing Ole Gunnar Solksjaer, Man Utd Need to Show Patience and Character

Here is adding some factual input into a lethargic emotional debate held by mostly people, who don't know a f@#k (but they think they do) about football and what it takes to coach and lead a team to success in an environment that has never been in history anywhere nearly as competitive as it is today! My favorite football joke that the game is played by 22 idiots chasing 1 ball,and watched by 60,000 experts in the stadium seems not so far off from the reality .Out of this this huge number of self-proclaimed experts, I wonder what percentage of them had ever stood on a proper football pitch and actually took part in a real match with officials and something to play for at stake? All the wannabe Ronaldo's and Messi's who seemingly have nothing better to do than binging on their beloved FIFA game on their Playstation obviously don't qualify to be included in that group. Now consider how decisions are made at the clubs. Real Madrid lost two matches and the immediate speculation talk appears for Zinedine Zidane to be sacked. That's complete utter nonsense! Imagine the chaos the world would be in, if all businesses were managed like  this! Coaching  a team with all the variables of the individual team members to success is a hard job to do. It would be even harder, (or close to impossible!) if while you are at it your environment would constantly doubt and criticize you and call  for you to be fired! Who could persevere under such hostile working conditions I wonder! Naturally, people show emotions for things they're passionate about, and football happens to be one such thing of our times. Almost like a strange anomaly in today’s "hiring and firing world" looked Liverpool's patience and their backing of their coach Juergen Klopp. With over 300 Bundesliga matches under his belt as a player and 9 major trophies won  as manager, Juergen Klopp is among the top 5 active football managers in the world now and Liverpool has become one of the very best teams in the world again. WhenJuergen Klopp started at Liverpool he said he needed 4 years. He was given the time he needed and the patience of his management and everyone who backed him paid off in n a very big way. Under his leadership, Liverpool went on to win everything that can be won by a football club team! Where would Liverpool be had Klopp been sacked after say two years and the club would have had let's say 3 different managers instead in the past 4 years? While the answer to this question is speculative, I doubt the team would be anywhere near where it is now,, namely among the top few very best teams in the world! So here we have the recipe, how to do it, ,layed out right before our eyes! it takes 4 years, Look at Liverpool, copy, paste, rinse, and repeat! Now the decisive question: what would you say if there was a manager who equals or even beats the  phenomenal impact Klopp had on Liverpool? Exactly, it's a no brainer. such a no brainer that it's understood everywhere and by everybody, except probably for some gnomes at Old Trafford.The following  are some cold factual numbers comparing Ole Gunnar Slolksjaer with Juergen Klopp after their first 100 matches at the helm of their respective clubs.Fact is that Ole equals or beats Klopp in literally every staristics, which is, as seen in Liverpool's case, probably as good as anyone could realistically expect or hope for! 































As the case Liverpool has just shown us, what it takes is time, stability, trust  snd patience, and one needs to get behind the manager, in good and bad days. The key is to provide him with a safe environment to let him and the team flourish. The success will come as a result..It's honestly beyond me if somebody doesn't understand that,Why would the Chairman of the club publicly go on record and say he was prepareed to sack Ole. What on eaerth does he think that achieved? The reason can only be. that  the headlines of Ole being sacked and a new manager being appointed would deflect everyone from realizing how incredibly weak a leader Woodward  himself actually is!!! His adenda seems to benefit his own interests rather than the best interests  of the club’. Wake up, Manchester United, the man you need  to scrutinize (and probably  sack) is Ed Woodward, not Ole! Everyone else at the club and in the fan community now needs to do the necessary and get wholeheartedly and visibly behind Ole, our manager! He needs to see and feel this.He deserves it and will deliver the success, if he is given adequate time and resources to do ds. The club needs to show some character and respect, as Ole is a club legend with 366 appearances and 126 goals acored for Manchester United., among them the legendary decisive stoppage-time 2;1 winner in the Champions League final  in Barcelona vs Bayern Munich in the treble year 1999.Go on, Ole! #ggma #mufc #olegunnarsolksjaer #oleisatthewheel #OGS 

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