Affiliate Marketing

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The No-BS Guide For Affiliate Marketers

No BS Guide for Affiliste ,arkwting Cove

As an Affiliate, your time is scarce. So, we're bypassing the marketing fluff to share the practical secrets to native ad success. Read more...

10 Affiliate Marketing Programs you can find in Singapore

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Building a brand from the ground up that stands out is no easy task.

“What should it look like?”

“How should it make people feel?”

“Will it resonate with my target audience?”

These are questions that inevitably come up when you start thinking about how to connect the dots between what you’re selling and who you’re trying to reach. Read more...

Affiliate  Marketing - What it is & how to get you get started (by BigCommerce)

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Are you looking to generate extra income from your website? You Can start to monetize your website by joining an affiliate program. Read more...


Eleven Leading Affiliate Marketing Platforms & Networks

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These eleven affiliate networks give you access to a total of 36,500 merchants, in addition to Amazon Associates with a market share of 50%, plus Walmart Affiliates and eBay Partner Network with a market share of 3.7% and 6.8% respectively (Amazon, eBay and Walmart are the top three players in terms of market share). All Affiliate Networks offer digital and physical products,except Avangate, which has a focus on digital products.The largest market place for physical products is obviously Amazon, while the leader in digital products is probably Clickbank. Across these leading affiliate networks you are sure to find a good offer in your niche. Read more...