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After a 30 years very successful career in private banking, Fred, as his friends call him,  became an internet entrepreneur. He founded infoDigital Pte Ltd in 2017 in Singapore, which is his home of choice. Fred has been living in Singapore for over two decades. He worked 25 years for Swiss bank UBS in Switzerland, Singapore, London and Sydney.  In his last banking role he was a group executive of Australian bank ANZ and their Global Head of Private Banking. A Swiss  citizen and a permanent resident in Singapore, a father of two wonderful Singaporean teenagers, Fred is described as a benevolent and optimistic entrepreneur, , leader, coach and mentor. He plays golf and tennis and is an avid football fan.

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New Facebook Group dedicated

to upcoming Entrepreneurs

Are you an early-stage entrepreneur or are you planning to set up your own business in the not so distant future? No matter whether your future business is online or offline, the journey you will embark on can be a very fulfillling and rewarding experience for you.

You may feel a bit strange at the beginning, when the fact that you are on your own  now sinks in with your mind . No matter what,  never stop believing in yourself and learn to ignore the naysayers. You will achieve the goals you set for yourself!

My mission is to ease your journey specially those first steps as an entrepreneur of yours , and ensure your mind remains focused and on target by building a group of likeminded people to exchange views, share experiences, reveive updates, and hopefully for you to meet the  peer you can talk to  (and vice versa) on a difficult day. And trust me, we all have those!

If you think that such a peer group would help you and would be beneficial for your development, then you seem like the person I like to have in thismy Facebook Group  "Becoming an Entrepreneur/Your Own Boss/Starting Your Own  Business/Network"


When you join the Group you have no obligations, except to adhere to rhe Group rules (outlined inside the Group) and you can anytime  leave the Group freely

My aim is to provide value either via moderating this Group or in direct dealings with any group member.

When you join the Group, please answer the three questions right at the beginning. Thank you!

How can this Facebook Group help you?

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is a multi-faceetted challenge and requires a person ideally with many talents. Quite simply put the combined knowledge of the group is always greater than a single individual, which can be beneficial to every member of the group individually. Make sure you contact and get to know your peers in the group. A a rule of thumb, your benefit from such a group is highly correlated with the work and time you put into the group.

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Entrepreneurship  Program


This course is for aspiring entrepreneurs, early stage entrepreneurs, students, and everyone with an interest in entrepreneurship. This course offers you a transformation to the right mindset you need to have in order to become a successful entrepreneur. Please bear in mind that not everyone with an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit runs their own business. Entrepreneurial spirited people are also very sought after in the job market in literally any sector or industry. Also remember that every knowledge and skill you learn and acquire is yours for life and can’t be taken away from you. The environment has never been better to invest in yourself via a high quality online course, leveraging the latest technology to equip yourself with the right entrepreneurial knowledge and the needed mindset, while also enlarging your professional network. The learning content of this 8-weeks course is delivered by the instructor in a virtual classroom, using reading materials, video lessons, and powerpoint presentation slides. The class meets virtually twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday late afternoon, exact dates/timing tbc), once for the lessons itself and once for a weekly group coaching meeting, the platform for discussions and Q+A within the group with the course instructor. Each chapter week will be concluded with a short test, which the participants have to pass in order to progress to the next chapter. In order to successfully conclude the entire course, a participant has to pass a minimum of 6 of the 7 weekly chapter tests.

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Note:The Entrepreneurship Program is currently being updated and not available right now. It will be back soon!

Course Curriculum

We will go through a chapter of learning content every week of the course.

Mountaineer on Summit of Mount Everest

Top Of The World: Summit of Mount Everest at 8,848 matters ( 29.030 feet) above see level.


Course Overview


The lessons of this course take place on Tuesdays (6-8pm). You will also benefit from the weekly group coaching sessions on Thursdays (6-8pm). Both the lessons and the group coaching sessions are moderated live in a virtual classroom utilising the latest Zoom technology.

Chapter 1: What is an Entrepreneur?

Antinori to Zuckerberg

In this first chapter we cover the history, definitions, and various types of entrepreneurs. You also get to know who the greatest and the most successful entrepreneurs of the 20th/21st Century are and were, from Antinori to Zuckerberg.

What is an ewntrepreneur.jpg
What is an ewntrepreneur.jpg

Chapter  2: The Entrepreneurial Mindset & The Manifestation of Your Goals

Manifestation Process

In the second chapter the course participants are taught about what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur and how to manifest their goals and dreams. Manifestation is a process to visualize the participants individual pictures of success. It is important for the aspiring entrepreneurs to visualize his/her future goals and to set adequate action plans for their journey towards reaching those goals.



Chapter 3: Five Concepts Every Entrepreneur Must Understand

The Customer is King

In this chapter the key discussion points are the customer (the single most important aspect of any business in any sector is the customer!), supply and demand, competition, return on investment, and understanding of fixed versus variable costs.

Chapter 4: Five Common Financial Mistakes That Kill Small Businesses

Know Your Company

The focus of this fourth chapter is on keeping adequate financial records, not to confuse revenue with profit, spending money on things you don’t need, to manage short-term expectations, and understanding the financial independence of your business.

Entrepreneurial Financing.jpg

Chapter 5: Entrepreneurial Financing

How to finance Your Company/Venture

 The fifth chapter focusses on the process of making financial decisions for your business, and the aspect of value and resource allocation.

Chapter 6: Entrepreneurial Exit Strategy

Plan From The Outset How & When You Want to Exit the Business

  In the sixth chapter, we discuss a key element every business plan should contain: the exit strategy! The exit strategy is the business owners personal plan to cash out after a certain time period. The exit strategy literally ensures the monetization of the business owners profits over the years in case of a successful business, and serves as a stop loss in case of a loss making business.

Exit Strategy.jpg

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Build an Online Business.jpg

Chapter 7: Building an Online Business

Learn to Working from Home

The seventh and final chapter chapter of this course obrings it all together by offering a step-by-step guide to build an online business. As this is a more substantial chapter with much more theory (40 pages of reading material), we have allocatedmore time to this important and practical chapter duringthe 7 th and 8 th course weeks.

Fred 29072018.jpg

Your Course Instructor & Coach

Your course instructor is Manfred Liechti. Manfred is an internet entrepreneur since he founded Info Digital Pte Ltd in 2017 in Singapore. During the 30 years prior to that, Manfred had a very successful banking career, which started as a banking apprentice in Switzerland in 1985 and concluded as a Group Executive and Global Head of Private Banking of the Australian bank ANZ. During his banking decades Manfred has held various senior positions in UBS Wealth Management in Singapore, London and Sydney. Manfred was initially an investment specialist, namely a portfolio manager, for about a decade, before he shifted to the UBS private banking front office to assume senior management roles in Singapore. After he left UBS, Manfred has also headed the South East Asia private banking business of the Queen’s bank Coutts, which at that time formed part of the Wealth Division of the Edinburgh based British banking powerhouse Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). As a very seasoned private banker, Manfred has worked with many successful entrepreneurs across various business sectors mainly in South East Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia) and Australia/New Zealand. As such, Manfred’s wealth of experience of managing the wealthy entrepreneurs money and his personal experience as an internet entrepreneur put him in a ideal position to teach this Entrepreneurship Course. Manfred is a Swiss Citizen and Permanent Resident of the Republic of Singapore, where he has been living for over 20 years now; he is described as a passionate, optimistic and benevolent entrepreneur, wealt6h management expert, a senior leader. mentor and coach He is the father of the two wonderful Singaporean teenagers Sidney and Cameron, who are 15 and 13 years old. Manfred loves to play tennis and golf, and is an avid football fan.

Guest Speaker.jpg

Guest Speakers

Meet Real Entrepreneurs

We have planned to include two real entrepreneurs from the real business world as guest speakers during some of the scheduled classroom sessions during this course.. The names of the guest speakers, their businesses, and the exact timings of their appearances will be communicated in in due course. The purpose of inviting guest speakers is to hear their stories and have them share their experiences with the course participants, as a real life addition to the theory pof our learning content.

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